Jul 08

Free energy assessments available to local small businesses

Anne Flynn, vice president of Clear Lake Bank & Trust

Anne Flynn, vice president of Clear Lake Bank & Trust

MASON CITY – Energy experts with Alliant Energy will be in the area over the next few weeks conducting free energy assessments (worth up to $500) for small business customers. The energy assessments are performed by skilled energy assessors that evaluate the building’s construction, lighting, heating and cooling systems, insulation and appliances. Installation of free energy-saving products like compact fluorescent light bulbs and programmable thermostats are also included. Following the assessment, business owners receive a report that summarizes the building’s current energy performance and provides recommendations for improvements. Information about Alliant Energy rebates is also included to help offset the cost of making efficiency upgrades.

Anne Flynn, vice president of Clear Lake Bank & Trust, recently completed an energy assessment through Alliant Energy’s small business programs. “The energy assessment helped us invest wisely in needed upgrades,” Flynn said. “Our building is now more warm and welcoming for customers and the energy savings have strengthened our bottom line.”

As a bonus, businesses may also qualify for Alliant Energy’s Small Business Energy Solutions program. This program offers a turnkey lighting solution that includes a lighting redesign proposal and pays up to 75 percent of the total project costs. To qualify for these programs, businesses must receive utility service from Alliant Energy, have annual billing of less than $50,000 and occupy less than 20,000 square feet. If the building is leased, property owner approval is required. Businesses may visit alliantenergy.com/startsaving or call 1-888-267-7516 to schedule an energy assessment.

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  1. Brooke McAvoy

    This is a really great opportunity for small businesses. Not only can you figure out how to save money on energy, but you can figure out how to make your own business greener. I think that this would be a great idea for my brother’s business, so thank you for describing what this would entail so thoroughly. I will be talking to him soon!

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