Oct 19

Police in West Des Moines say 11 businesses failed alcohol compliance checks

boozeWEST DES MOINES – Dozens of businesses were checked for alcohol compliance in West Des Moines and 11 failed, resulting in penalties.

On October 14th, 2016, the West Des Moines Police Department conducted alcohol compliance checks on 95 businesses that hold an alcohol license in the City of West Des Moines. The following is a list of the 11 businesses that were not in compliance:

Chipotle Mexican Grill

490 S. 68th St


7205 Mills Civic Parkway


5962 Ashworth Road

Blue Tomato

860 1st St

Fairfield Inn

7225 Vista Drive

Kum and Go

196 S. 50th St

Samurai Sushi

7125 Mills Civic Parkway

Noodles and Company

6630 Mills Civic Parkway

Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market

2900 University Avenue

Minibar (Valley West Inn)

3535 Westown Parkway

Scissors and Scotch

440 S. 68th St #105

Penalties for the Offense:

Citation issued to employee that sold or provided alcohol to a minor – $735.00 fine.

Administrative sanction to the establishment (to follow by City Legal):

1st Violation – 14 day suspension or $500 civil penalty
2nd Violation in two years – 30 day suspension and $1500 civil penalty
3rd Violation in three years – 60 day suspension and $1500 civil penalty
4th Violation in three years – revocation of the license.

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