Dec 22

Police: Beware of fake Iowa auto dealership selling cars

scam-alertAMES – Police in Ames are warning of an auto dealership with a website that is attempting to sell cars – but the business doesn’t actually exist.

According to the Ames police department, there is a “fake dealership” called “Benson Motors” with a website that nearly suckered a California man.

Calling the near-deal a “really dirty trick” and a “scam”, police said they “received a call from a man on the west coast who was about to wire $70,000 to ‘Benson Motors’ to purchase two vehicles that are a really good deal. We explained Benson Motors has been out of business for many years. He directed us to a website that looks very real, but it is not.”

The website appears to be located here: http://bm-center.com.

Ames police say they “also got a call yesterday from an agency in Minnesota working a similar case.”

Apparently, when police call “Benson Motors”, no one answers the phone.

“It is likely the SCAMMERS are not even in the United States,” the Ames police department warned, and reminded citizens that “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

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