May 04

New library under construction in Garner



GARNER, IOWA – The Garner, Iowa Public Library is being renovated at this time.

Dean Snyder Construction is in charge of the addition/renovation project. A total of 1,949 SF will be added onto the existing 6,233 SF building along with a new roof covering both.

According to Dean Snyder Construction, the remodel will create a completely new and larger library space. Built in 1979, the library will receive many upgrades including energy-efficient lighting, multi-media and video conferencing equipment, new carpet, and upgraded heating and air conditioning systems.

The project also includes a community room with kitchenette that can be used by the community even during closed library hours, a meeting room with a genealogy alcove, remodeled public restrooms, a staff work room, and library stacks with areas designated for children, teens, and adults.

Hoping to establish a comfortable spot for patrons, a new café-like space will be created with a fireplace, and for convenience outside, an exterior drive-up book drop will be included.

The addition will have brick and stone to match the existing exterior of the library.

The library has currently relocated to across the street while the remodel is occurring. Construction is set to be completed in October.

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