Mar 29

Iowa Business Council supports action on water quality in 2016

DES MOINES, IOWA, March 28, 2016 – Today the Iowa Business Council (IBC) expresses its support for action by the Legislature and Governor Branstad during the 2016 Session that addresses water quality needs in the state.

The vision of the Business Council is to maintain a competitive, growing economy that provides opportunity and wealth creation for all Iowans. To achieve this, our communities must retain their current residents and attract new ones by offering an inviting, healthy lifestyle in which cultural, recreational, and educational activities flourish. Clean water resources are central components to any evaluation made by those considering Iowa as a place to start or expand a business, develop a career, or raise a family. Iowa commerce succeeds in the world marketplace when it attracts skilled, motivated, and culturally varied employees who are drawn to the state for its dynamic companies operating in a welcoming business climate with a desirable quality of life.

Consistent with this vision for Iowa, IBC urges that action be taken to pass and sign into law this year legislation that will improve the state’s watersheds. We commend the Governor for proposing, and members of the Iowa Legislature for considering, the “SAVE for the Future” initiative, an innovative proposal that would extend the expiration date of tax revenue funding for education infrastructure needs and local property tax relief through December 31, 2049, as well as allocate a portion of projected growth of those funds to support water improvement efforts statewide – without implementing a significant new tax. SAVE seeks to address two critically important quality of life issues that bear directly upon the competitive posture of our state.

“The Iowa Business Council urges swift action during the 2016 Session to arrive at a workable and sustainable outcome,” said IBC Chair Mike Wells. “One that ensures tax dollars are expended in a fiscally responsible manner, with projects relating to water quality or education meeting visible, public guidelines for accountability and results. Funds available that do not meet existing or newly defined expenditure criteria for infrastructure or on-going operating expenses should be allocated to tax relief.”

The Iowa Business Council (IBC) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization whose members are the top executives of the largest businesses in the state, the three Regent university presidents, and the Iowa Banking Association. Founded in 1985, the Council’s purpose is to focus the personal commitment of its members in active leadership roles on major initiatives that offer opportunity to enhance Iowa’s economic vitality and improve the lives of Iowans. Council members identify economic issues, evaluate options, and assist in implementing solutions through collaborative public/private partnerships.

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