Jul 14

Grant funding approved for public transit infrastructure in Iowa

transitAMES, Iowa – July 12, 2016 – The Iowa Transportation Commission today approved more than $1.5 million in funding to support five public transit projects. The projects are funded under the state Public Transit Infrastructure Grant Fund.

The Public Transit Infrastructure Grant Fund provides state funding assistance to Iowa’s public transit systems for new or improved facilities to support their public transit services. State participation is limited to 80 percent and the balance must be matched from local sources. The Iowa General Assembly appropriates funding to this program on an annual basis. Five projects were approved by the Commission.

– Phase II construction of bus storage facility (Dubuque): $569,823
– Replace seven overhead doors (Region 12 – Carroll): $16,000
– Reconstruct original 1983 section of roof (CyRide – Ames): $320,000
– Construction of new bus facility in Monticello (Region 10 – Cedar Rapids): $225,509

Purchase of building for transit facility (Region 15 – Ottumwa): $400,000
“The Public Transit Infrastructure Grant Fund is a vital source of funding for public transit systems. This program enables transit systems to construct and maintain facilities that are critical to the operation of the system and maintenance of the vehicles and frees up other sources of funding to keep buses on the road,” said Ryan Ward, transit programs administrator, Office of Public Transit for the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Public transit service is available in all 99 counties. It provides over 28 million rides a year getting Iowans where they need to go.

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