Jan 30

Financial assistance to heat your home is available

CEDAR RAPIDS – Alliant Energy served notice today that they have a a large fund available to help heater lower-income homes.

We recognize that the financial impact of energy bills during the heating season places an additional burden on families with limited incomes, which is why we’ve donated $1 million to our Hometown Care Energy Fund in Iowa. This fund, administered through local assistance agencies, provides financial help for heating costs to income-eligible customers across our service area. During the last heating season, Hometown Care dollars helped over 2,400 Iowa households with their energy costs.

“There is a caring spirit in the communities we serve,” said Patricia Kampling, Alliant Energy’s Chairman, President and CEO. “Funds for Hometown Care come from our company, and through the generosity of employees, retirees and customers who want to make sure their friends and neighbors have a warm home” said Kampling.

Over the past year, Alliant Energy customers, employees and retirees in Iowa and Wisconsin gave more than $138,000. Alliant Energy’s additional contribution of $1 million for Iowa customers comes from shareowners and is not included in the rates charged to utility customers.

“Individuals that receive funding from Hometown Care greatly appreciate the assistance,” said Jerry McKim, Bureau Chief of the Bureau of Energy Assistance at the Iowa Department of Human Rights. “I welcome the ongoing support of Alliant Energy helping Iowans in need.”

Income-eligible Alliant Energy customers can apply through their community action agency. Visit alliantenergy.com/hometowncare for more information.

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