Apr 20

Fareway says everyday practices conserve natural resources, reduce carbon footprint

Faraway store in Mason City, Iowa

Fareway store in Mason City, Iowa

BOONE, IOWA – Fareway Stores, Inc.’s tradition of employing cost saving measures in order to pass along the savings to each customer, has been a common practice since 1938.

From the beginning, Fareway’s green initiatives have included recycling, reusing and reclaiming, and these practices continue to grow as Fareway expands across the Midwest.

Since 1955, Fareway has captured heat from in-store refrigeration compressors, reclaiming it to heat the building. This initiative has helped reduce each store’s carbon footprint and is so successful; it led to development of other methods. Fareway’s green initiatives include coordinating backhauls to save fuel and recycling the following annually:

5,000 gallons of waste oil;
850,000 pallets;
400 tons of plastic shrink;
12,500 tons of cardboard; and
4,500,000 plastic grocery sacks.

Materials are collected at Fareway’s recycling facility for initial processing and then shipped to major recyclers for final recycling.

Fareway’s initiatives have been recognized by energy partners, such as MidAmerican Energy and Alliant Energy. Accolades have been received from both companies for Fareway’s commitment to daily energy efficiency and projects.

“We are proud of our commitment and green practices here at Fareway,” said Fareway President and Chief Operating Officer Frederick R. Greiner. “Not only does this help preserve our precious natural resources, these initiatives also provide value to our customers every day.”

On Earth Day, and every day, shoppers are encouraged to recycle their plastic grocery bags at the store. Simply look for the marked bin, and drop-off used plastic sacks. These bags are recycled and provide the Build With Bags Program the necessary material for producing benches, picnic tables and similar items for parks and schools. Customers are also encouraged to bring in or purchase recyclable bags for use on shopping trips.

Fareway Stores, Inc. is a growing Midwest grocery company operating 112 stores located in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota. Fareway holds family values in the highest regard, demonstrating integrity, fairness and honesty in relationships with customers, employees, vendors and suppliers.

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