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Employment protections for Iowa workers who are pregnant or nursing

pregnancy pregnantKnow the employment protections for workers who are pregnant or nursing in Iowa:

Pregnancy Discrimination

The Iowa Civil Rights Act has a number of provisions related to pregnancy and childbirth; these apply to employers of four or more individuals, except employers of domestic workers. Employers are prohibited from having written or unwritten policies that exclude applicants or employees from employment because they are pregnant. An employer cannot terminate an employee due to a pregnancy-related disability.

Iowa Code § 216.6(2).

Pregnancy Accommodation and Pregnancy-Related Disability

Disabilities stemming from an employee’s pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth, legal abortion, or recovery from any of these conditions, are to be treated the same as other temporary disabilities for insurance and leave-related purposes. If a pregnant employee is not entitled to sufficient leave under the relevant insurance or sick leave plan, the employer must, upon timely request, grant an unpaid leave of absence for either the period that the employee is disabled because of the employee’s pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions, or for eight weeks, whichever is shorter.

Iowa Code § 216.6(2).

Workplace Breastfeeding Rights

No specific law at the state level.

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