Feb 29

Branstad announces State Innovation Model Initiative communities

Governor Terry Branstad

Governor Terry Branstad

DES MOINES – At the Administration’s Monday morning press conference today, Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds announced that six communities are receiving grants for the State Innovation Model (SIM) Initiative.

These six communities spanning 20 counties will engage in broad-based health care system and payment reforms over the next three years that will lead to better health outcomes and lower costs. In 2015, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) announced Iowa was one of 11 states awarded a $43 million federal grant over four years to participate in the SIM Initiative’s Phase Two Test States.

Through the SIM program, Iowa will align and equip communities to address population needs by collaborating with payers, providers and public health entities. The SIM aligns Iowa payers in payment reform that focuses on value; equips Iowa providers with tools to perform in value based, population focused models; and aligns and integrates public health strategies into how health care is delivered.

“My goal is to make Iowa the healthiest state in the nation and Iowa’s participation in the SIM Initiative will help us achieve that,” Branstad said. “Hospitals, public health agencies, nursing facilities, education organizations, local government, and more will come together in these six communities to transform the health care delivery system.”

“The goals of the SIM Initiative are simple yet ambitious: improve health, change how healthcare is delivered, and make financially sustainable changes,” said Reynolds. “The SIM goals further our work in collaboration with our Healthiest State Initiative that has included the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan, Blue Zone Certified Communities, and Medicaid Modernization.”

The six Community Care Coalition (C3) Communities, awarded a total of $1.3 million in aggregate for their first year’s work, were selected by an evaluation committee made up of state government and other partner organizations. The six C3 awardees and their communities are:

  • Community Health Partners of Sioux County – Sioux County
  • Dallas County Public Health Nursing Services – Dallas County
  • Great River Medical Center, West Burlington – Des Moines County
  • Linn County Board of Health – Linn County
  • Marion County Public Health Department – Marion, Monroe, Lucas, Clarke, Ringgold, Decatur, Wayne and Appanoose Counties
  • Webster County Health Department – Webster, Hamilton, Humboldt, Wright, Pocahontas, Calhoun, Sac and Buena Vista Counties

SIM is led by the Iowa Department of Human Services, Iowa Department of Public Health, and Iowa Healthcare Collaborative. The six C3 communities for the SIM Initiative will participate in an Iowa State Innovation Model Conference on March 8, 2016 to begin their work.

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